Big Dildos

If normal sized dildos don’t seem to give you that pleasure you desire, you may want to consider venturing into the Big Dildos category.

When that day comes and you feel as though you're ready for the challenge, our range of Big Dildos (also known as large dildos and extreme dildos) will give you the fulfilling, pleasing stretch you crave. Each of the Big Dildos toys can seem intimidating at first, but once you adjust to the size and the feel, you will not use a standard sized dildo ever again.

Sex toys are now a part of many modern day relationships. Whether you choose to use Big Dildos along, include as part of your sex life with a partner or even as punishment during bondage/fetish play, Big Dildos are a new way to push your body to its limit whilst enjoying the pleasures of a full feeling.

Using Big Dildos are a big part of Extreme sex today and will be for the future. This new pleasure frenzy has become so big that no longer is a standard dildo the sexy toy of choice. Woman and men are now using Big Dildos for insertion excitement. Over the years, due to people becoming more exploratory, Big Dildos have grown in size to what is literally unimaginable. Some Big Dildos can even be as large as a man's forearm.

How can you take such Big Dildos you might ask yourself? Well the anus and the vagina in particular are can be trained to stretch due to its elastic characteristic. A woman's body for example can push a baby out of their birth canal and their vagina can stretch to accommodate for the passing of the baby.

There are many adventurous people who are looking for the biggest and most challenging dildo on the market. It is for this reason; Intimate Intentions have introduced our Big Dildos category of products. All our Big Dildos have been sourced from the industry’s most reputable supplies ensuring the best quality Big Dildos are available for our customers to purchase.


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