Realistic Dildos 

Realistic Dildos are simply dildos which have been produced to represent a real penis. Typical characteristics of Realistic Dildos include finer details such as realistic veins running down the shaft of the penis and realistic scrotum.  Simply put, Realistic Dildos are the closest penis replica you will find on the market.

More often than not Realistic Dildos have been moulded from a real penis. Famous porn stars have also put their name (or penis) to Realistic Dildos that are available through sex toy retailers like Intimate Intentions.

If you're partner is going away, or if you are leaving your partner, you may want to consider Intimate Intentions Realistic Dildos Moulding Kits. Realistic Dildos Moulding Kits allow you to replicate your partner’s penis in the form of a Realistic Dildo. This range of products are great for many reasons, as earlier mentioned, if you're  going to be away from your partner you will be able to experience the same size, same shape and most importantly the closest feeling to your partners penis without actually being with your partner.

Realistic Dildos are made from various types of material to give the impression of being a real penis. You can enjoy a realistic sexual sensation with the use of Realistic Dildos. You will also find some realistic dildos with a suction base allowing you to enjoy hands free action.


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